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Sensitivity at one metre measured 86dB for one nominal watt (2.8V) of input – a fair result, compromised slightly by the ‘speaker’s high overall impedance. This measured 10 Ohms with pink noise, partly because Usher have used a high DCR 7 Ohm bass unit, where 4 Ohms is a common value these days. Our impedance curve clearly has a very high value at low frequencies, meaning the Diamond Mini-X draws little current from an amplifier. It needs a high power amplifier with good voltage swing to go loud, around 60 Watts being a minimum for good volume and over 100 Watts to play very loud.
    Frequency response was flat, as is usual with Usher loudspeakers. The interesting feature here is the flatness of the Diamond tweeter’s response. Diamond tweeters tend to be peaky, but Usher’s unique diamond vapour deposition process on a substrate avoids this problem, our analysis shows. The result is smooth, accurate treble.
    There is no upper mid-range crossover suckout so detailing will be strong. There is no bass lift either, to add warmth or body to the sound. Absence of peaks and undulations in frequency response suggest low coloration and this was borne out by our 200mS decay analysis.
    The slot port works around 40Hz, damping the bass unit over a fairly wide frequency band, our red port output trace shows. Bass extends down to a low 30Hz and quality will likely be on the dry and controlled side, but near wall placement will lift low frequency output in use.
    The Usher Dancer Mini-X Diamond is accurately engineered, delivering a smooth even response right across the audio band. It runs low and should have firm bass. The Diamond DMD tweeter looks impressive. Sensitivity is on the low side however so it needs power. NK


FREQUENCY RESPONSE  (red trace - port output)








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