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    The side walls curve backwards from the front baffle to a narrow spine containing four sturdy gold-plated speaker terminals to facilitate bi-wiring or bi-amping. Inside the cabinet the crossover is split across two completely separate printed circuit boards – one for the high-pass filter feeding the tweeter and one for the low pass feeding the bass unit. They are fixed to opposite walls of the cabinet with an elastomeric substance to avoid resonances.
    There’s no overall grille as such for the fascia – just a round cloth pad that fits over the mid-range driver; the DMD tweeter is protected by its own fixed wire-mesh.
    True to Usher’s renowned attention to detail, the company also produces dedicated ‘Waveguide’ stands for the Mini-X that look superb. They’re a cast metal design with a sweeping front section that curves gracefully round the central pillars while the top plate has two holes which allow the Mini-Xs to be bolted to it via threaded inserts on the base of the ‘speaker cabinet. In situ they look undeniably imposing and purposeful while the curved centerpiece is said to help smooth and improve the Mini-Xs low-frequency response.
    One word of warning, though – once mated together the speaker and stand are heavy – and I mean heavy because each ‘speaker weighs 15.5 kg. So it’s worth assembling them as close as possible to their intended site before making those final crucial positional adjustments.
    Speaking of which, the front-firing port means the Dancers are relatively unfussy about close-to-wall placement – but they do sound better with a bit of room to breathe. I found they worked well some 16in into the room and well clear of side walls, and with a slight toe-in – but, as ever, individual experimentation is recommended.
    Not surprisingly, all this engineering and craftsmanship comes at a price, the Usher Mini-Xs retailing at £2,450 and the stands £650 – although they are available as a package for £3,000.


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