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Usher Dancer Mini-X Diamond
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Usher Audio has forged a deserved reputation for superbly-engineered, beautifully-made loudspeakers and the Dancer Mini-X does nothing to alter that.
    Fed by a good quality amplifier they are terrific performers with a sonic signature that doesn’t favour one part of the frequency spectrum above another – which makes for an extremely honest, open and natural performance.
    Usher's DMD diamond tweeter is among the best examples of the breed you could hear, with excellent high-frequency treble response that manages to avoid veering into harshness.
    Instead, it is smooth and refined with a beguiling character which shines on well-recorded material.
    The relatively large and heavy cabinet means bass response is also well-controlled with little colouration.
    Most importantly, they present sounds in an infectious and involving manner, whatever musical genre takes your fancy.
    Add in the fact that they are finished to a standard befitting loudspeakers costing easily twice as much and it’s clear the Usher Dancer Mini-Xs are a very impressive package indeed.
    You’ll search long and hard to find anything else to match it at the price.

Usher Dancer Mini-X DIAMOND
(stands £650)

OUTSTANDING - amongst the best

A highly-accomplished standmount loudspeaker from Usher with outstanding sound and great build quality.

- smooth, refined diamond
- tuneful bass
- great detail
- excellent build quality

- unexciting at first listen
- large and heavy

Hi-Fi Sound
+44 (0)1642 267012


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