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FOR CD - try this!


Oppo BDP-105D

Oppo's BDP-105D Blu-ray player uses one of the best digital convertors going and sounds superb with silver discs, including CD. It puts Noel Keywood in a spin!


Using one of the world’s best DAC chips, an ESS Sabre32, Oppo's BDP-105D Blu-ray player offers high-end CD replay, as well as top quality DVD and Blu-ray audio – and you can connect up a computer via USB to play CD or high resolution audio I found.
    For £1000 that’s a whole lot of ability, plus there’s a lot more I haven't yet mentioned. Are there limitations? Turns out there are.
    Not only does the BDP-105D play almost all silver discs, including SACD and DVD-A, it also has S/PDIF digital audio inputs, optical and electrical, so any external digital device, like a Mac Mini, MacBook Pro or Astell&Kern AK100 high-resolution portable player can be connected to take advantage of its quality.
    Because the ESS Sabre32 has huge dynamic range, to exploit it, balanced audio outputs are needed, so Oppo fit balanced XLR output sockets, as well as unbalanced phonos of course. Multi-channel audio is down-mixed to these outputs.
    That’s the audio side covered in basic outline, but there’s more. Playing DVDs and Blu-ray video and audio discs, the BDP-105D decodes all video disc audio formats, especially DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD. It outputs video’s audio stream digitally through HDMI to a receiver, and in analogue form through phono sockets in seven channels, plus subwoofer, for a legacy seven-channel receiver with analogue inputs, or any other set-up. There are no analogue video outputs, only HDMI digital. All the same, there is on-board video adjustment, as well as optional processing via Darbee, so whilst the Oppo doesn’t have legacy video it does have copious modern-day video processing ability.
    The front panel has only disc play functions. The remote control is therefore an essential item, even to change inputs, so best not to lose it down the back of the settee. And like many A/V products you navigate via on-screen menus; there are no secondary displays on the player, so a TV or video monitor must be connected and switched on, except when playing CDs or SACDs. 




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