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This is one of the best digital players I have ever heard. It’s Sabre32 DAC, which my ears tell me has been very well implemented, gave devastatingly good sound quality - so much so that I’ll likely be getting one to replace my much used and loved Cambridge Audio 650BD universal player. The Cambridge also plays it all but the Oppo is a step up sound-quality wise, a generation ahead - and in front of the DAC pack generally, with the arguable exception of Audiolab’s Sabre32 equipped M-DAC and Q-DAC, but they don’t play video or SACD.
    Inability to play 192kHz sample rate files through S/PDIF is a little strange, but often they will be transferable to a memory stick, and then they will play, so there is a work-around to this limitation. Similarly, inability to play DSD over USB can be worked around in the same manner: use a memory stick.
    Such drawbacks are minor I feel against the player’s major ability: to play almost every silver disc out there, with superb sound quality. So if you’re looking for an ultimate player of just about anything - this is it. It’s as simple as that! Low price is an extra.

OPPO BDP-105D     £1050  (U.K.)

OUTSTANDING – amongst the best

VALUE - keenly priced


Fabulous sound quality and great versatility make this a superb player.

- sound quality
- plays most silver discs
- plays files, including DSD

- no 192k S/PDIF digital
- awkward input control sequences

- no DSD over USB

OPPO Digital UK Ltd

+44 (0)845 060 9395



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