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The One Thing Audio ESL57s have a rather saddle-shaped response, meaning that they peak in output towards both the top and bottom end of the frequency range. This means that they will have a tendency towards brightness but should also mean that they give very good upper mid and high frequency detail, along with good atmospherics.


Down the bottom end, the Quads roll off quite sharply below 60Hz, but peak up in output prior to this at around 80-90Hz. Consequently, they should have quite good low end punch and detail but will not dig all that low, compared to conventional box loudspeakers.


Electrically, the Quads measure like little else, with a single peak in impedance at 100Hz, rolling down both above and below this. Average measured impedance was 10.5 Ohms, but this dipped as low as 5 Ohms at LF and 3 Ohms at HF, so the One Thing Audio ESL57s do need some current from a suitable 4 Ohm amplifier tap. Sensitivity was average at 85dB. AS


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