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Audiolab 6000N streamer
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Measurement by Rohde&Schwarz UPV audio spectrum analyser.


Frequency response of Audiolab 6000N reached 16kHz (-1dB) at all sample rates up to 192kHz using standard listening mode. This gives it a bandwidth slightly lower than that of CD (21kHz). 

   Set to Critical Listening mode it has a wider analogue bandwidth of 34kHz from a 24/96 server test file (shown here), but would not read a 24/192kHz test file – likely a sample rate limitation. 

   With a Melco N10/100 server system (and iPhone), in standard listening mode distortion measured a high 0.36%, infected by noise – unimpressive. In Critical Listening mode it fell to a very low 0.02% (shown here), as expected from an ESS Sabre32 DAC – impressive.

   In standard mode EIAJ Dynamic Range was a low 95dB, In Critical Listening mode it rose to a very high 118dB, again as hoped for from an ESS DAC and up with the best DACs on the market.

   In standard more the 6000N gives slightly worse than CD performance figures. Set to Critical Listening mode it was able to deliver a very high standard of performance from a wired ethernet server and iPhone, but would not play 192kHz sample rate files. NK


Standard / Critical

Frequency response (24/96)                4Hz-16kHz / 34kHz

Distortion (-60dB)                                 0.36% / 0.02%

Separation                                            99dB

Dynamic range                                     95dB / 118dB

Noise                                                  -93dB / -116B

Output                                                 2.1V



FREQUENCY RESPONSE - Critical Listening mode


DISTORTION - Critical Listening mode



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