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Hi-Fi World uses the Clio measuring system for loudspeakers, with Clio and Bruel&Kjaer measuring microphones.



The basic tonal balance of the Core, on its forward axis, is shown in our third-octave pink-noise analysis. The forward facing units have reasonably even output across the audio band, right up to 18kHz, with some slight roll down above 8kHz. All the same this unit does produce high treble and this helped toward a well etched sound. 

There are no major dips or suck outs and only two quite well controlled peaks, likely due to internal reflections within the small cabinet – a common phenomenon. 

Bass output rolls away slowly below 70Hz, quite a low frequency for a small cabinet. There is even a small restorative peak at 40Hz to add a little deep bass weight.

Our analysis of subwoofer output shows a very smooth characteristic, extending from 150Hz down to a low 30Hz (green trace) with the upper crossover frequency at maximum. This subwoofer produces deep bass and it is tonally very accurate. Setting the upper crossover frequency to minimum pulled response right down to that shown in the orange trace, and this closely matches output of the Core, extending bass down to a low 30Hz. 

The Core has a respectably smooth and even tonal balance across the audio band, and the optional subwoofer extends this down to a low 30Hz to give solid deep bass. This is an impressive performance: both units are well engineered in acoustic terms. NK



















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