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The 751BD has two HDMI outputs, to run two monitors or a 3D set-up Cambridge say. I used the Output 1 which has a Marvell QDEO video scaler to bring DVD up to Blu-ray resolution. This worked well, our Burosch DVD test discs showed; even if resolution cannot be improved in theory DVDs look better in practice.

The player did a fine job with Blu-ray high definition video, getting through our HQV Blu-ray test disc without displaying any jaggies on the dedicated tests, nor in the video sequences (and film pull downs). There was no motion trailing nor any other visible blemish. Video shot on a Red camera on the Spears & Munsil disc looked stunning, but then it does on most players. My own test sequence in HD video (1440 Mpeg2 from a Canon HV30)) of a Tiger Moth biplane at Duxford airfield showed no blemishes, but contrast was set a little high for effect. The idling propellor produced a smooth blur, as it should (this motion can break up in some players).


Current Blu-ray players usually pass all tests on available test discs and in use picture quality depends mostly upon user adjustment and original video quality rather than the player’s electronics. The 751BD turned in a faultless video performance.

Load times were much like the 650BD, 27 seconds for the Java menu of John Meyer’s ‘Where The Light Is’ and 10 seconds for a normal menu, a relatively fast performance. Recordable BD-Rs and BD-RE’s were read without problem.



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