Interconnect Cables
Chord Co Anthem £275 p.m. Jul 00 Strong recommendation for dull systems. For clarity with sparkle, the Anthem is a good choice
Chord Co Calypso £30 p.m. Apr 02 Fair detail and depth. Certain lack of focus with choral music but a giant leap up from basic 'patch cables'. Affordable and effective upgrade.
Chord Co Chorus £200 p.m. Feb 01 Well suited to valves and smooth sounding equipment. Will calm down over-bright or harsh systems. Highly recommended
Chord Co Silver Siren £74 p.m
May 01 Lively and well balanced with excellent detail and staging. Highly recommended.
Ixos Gamma Encore £70 p.m. Jul 01 Full and forward sound with sweet treble and very good deep bass.
Ixos 1001 Gamma Master £69 p.m. Jul 02 A good cable thats works well with most hi-fi but may need livening up by brighter sounding components.
Joh Dory Hi-Fi
Silver foil
£200 p.m. Feb 02 Deliver a true high-end neutral, open and balanced sound. Very competent, they offer much.
Linn Silver Interconnects £185 per
1.2m pair
Jun 01
Jul 02
Superb sound quality and a great all rounder. Overall, brilliant with smooth sources but not the most neutral at the price.
Monster Cable M1000i £299 p.m. Feb 01 Good dynamics and rock-solid super tuneful bass. You get a strong and sophisticated sound for your money.
Neotech NA-12165 £425 p.m. Feb 02 Rich and powerful sounding, with good bass and smooth treble. Well constructed cables but hefty price. Similar sounds can be gleaned for less.
Nordost Quattro Fil £1375 p.m. Oct 01 Full and fast with oodles of detail and presence. Will deliver a musical yet exact sound.
Nordost Red Dawn £300 p.m Jul 00 Musicality that manifests itself in vocals and instrumental phrasing. Pricey, but excellent.
Origin Live Advanced £45 p.m.
May 01 System friendly with good tonal balance, neutral but not cold. Imaging good and well worth a listen.
Origin Live Laminar
Flow Reference
£149 p.m. Feb 02 Fuss free sound that suit's most set-ups. Picks up oodles of detail and creates space in recordings. A good buy at the price.
Origin Live Laminar 
Flow Ultra
£85 p.m. Jul 01 Fine lyrical quality, sounds fluid and musical as well as analytical. A high-end sound with a sensible price tag.
Precious Metals Silver Signal 100 £120 Feb 01 Good detail and presence, fine imaging, with sweet treble and excellent bass response. A super-fast and exciting performer.
SonicLink Control £135 p.m. Feb 01 Well balanced with detail and cleanness of sound. Will spark up a dullish system.
SonicLink First Base £25 p.m. Jul 01 Fast and open sound for the money. A great little upgrade for the 'first time' cable buyer or second system upgrade.
SonicLink Red Earth £300 p.m. Jul 00 Ideally used with valve equipment, may sound too bright with solid state sounding gear.
SonicLink SG Whisper £45 p.m
May 01 Overall performance was good especially for the price of these cables. Good value for money and a worthy audition.
True Colours Industries Cobra £199 p.m
May 01 Full sounding cable works well with thin sounding or sterile equipment, where it will fatten up the sound. Good for the money.
van den Hul The Bay £38 per
Apr 02 Rounded, balanced and full sound with high frequency detail. Well built cable that will fit in with most budget or midpriced systems.
van den Hul The First Ultimate £219 per .6m pair Jul 00 Not called 'Ultimate' for nothing. Expensive it may be but the performance is absolutely knock-out
van den Hul Integration Hybrid £199 per
Feb 01 Neutral with firm rhythmic grip and fluidity. Big, cohesive sound with detailed bass and smooth treble. Highly recommended.
van den Hul Storm Gold Hybrid £30 p.m. Oct 01 Plenty of detail and excitement. Soundstage is nice and deep and treble is never harsh or rough. A great upgrade for the budget restricted.
'Speaker Cables
Ecosse Reference Cable
£13.49 p.m. May 02 Good detail and soundstage, deep bass and treble sweet and smooth. An all round yet advanced sounding cable.
Ecosse Reference Cable MS2.15 £27 p.m. Jul 01 This is a fluid yet neutral and detailed cable that should suit most systems and last for the rest of your audiophile life. Highly recommended.
Kimber Cable 4PR £94 per
3m pair
Apr 01 Cohesive and lyrical, the sound is'nt mechanical or dry, but open and extemely well balanced. Bass is good and taut. An excellent all round buy.
LAT International Bi-Wire £25 p.m. Jul 01 Smooth and musical, will open up enclosed or claustrophobic systems with its sweet treble and spacious imaging. Good stuff indeed.
Nordost SPM £2795 per 3m pair Dec 00 Frighteningly realistic dynamics, jaw dropping detail, bone crunching bass. A sonic experience to savour.
SonicLink AST-150 £48 per
3m pair
Apr 01 Fine value for money. Gives much detail, it will suit smoother or dullish systems where it will quicken the sound.
Supra Cables 
Quattro 4X4T
£7.99 p.m. May 02 Deep bass with good detail and a smooth sounding treble. Highly recommended for audition and a great upgrade from ultra budget wire.
van den Hul Royal Jade Hybrid £11 p.m Dec 00
Musical and exciting, will give a real lift to sluggish components, excellent value for money
Power Cords
Ecosse Reference Big Red Powercord £99 Aug 02 A good upgrade, but not the cheapest option. Well focussed and clear sounding.
Kemp Electronics KE lo-Power Cbale £36 p.m Aug 02 Good value for money, the Kemp cables are clean sounding and lucid.
Kimber LoPowercord £75 Aug 02 The first and still one of the best. Competition is now strong but the Wattgate IEC makes a big difference.


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