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Providing suitable loudspeakers are used there’s little can better a Single-Ended amplifier like the Ming-Da MC805-A. It has big, full bodied sound that comes across as lithe but tactile as well. Yet this amplifier is so naturally pure and sweet in its treble it is unmatchable by all else except other valve SEs. The glorious MC-300 preamplifier is a must and it raises the price of the package of course, but less will not do.  It contributes strongly to wonderful sound staging, bringing a vibrancy to instruments unmatched elsewhere. This is a great combination of pre and power amplifiers, one that gives the highest sound quality.  Obviously, the output transformers need optimising to deliver close to the quoted power. This apart, the Ming Da amplifier combo is recommended, because it gives breathtaking sound quality from an easy to use package that is fuss free, yet convincingly thermionic high-end.

Fabulous Single-Ended sound with no drawbacks, except less power than quoted. Need careful loudspeaker matching.

- sweet treble
- broad, intense imaging
- big bodied sound

- small speakers don’t suit
- less power than quoted
- size / weight

Ming Da MC805-A    £3499/pr
Ming Da
     +44 (0)1684 293111



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