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I had a feeling I might like the Jelco SA-750D, but ended up quite taken aback at its sophisticated performance and sheer musicality. It is an easy arm to get the best from, simple to set up and beautifully built. However, what most surprised me with this review was the discovery that the SA-750D is only a little dearer than the SA-250 and SA-250ST. Excellent performers though these two designs are, I cannot help but feel that the extra hundred pounds or so buys you a sonic improvement that sounds much more. On this basis, not only is the Jelco SA-750D a very capable tonearm but also something of a bargain. Let’s hope the likes of Sound Hi-Fi can keep the supply lines open.


Garrard 301 and LAD GAJ942 turntables

Audio Technica AT-OC9MLII & Goldring 2500 cartridges

Whest Audio PS30R phono stage

Naim SuperNait amplifier

Modified Ferrograph S1 loudspeakers

verdict five globes

Jelco may be best known for budget OEM arms, but the silky smooth SA-750D shows they can mix it in the higher echelons with ease.

Jelco SA-750D £375

Sound Hi-Fi

+44 (0)1803 833366


- sonic uniformity

- engaging, revealing nature

- svelte musicality

- build and finish


- nothing at the price




Wielding the toolkit and swapping the SA-750D for its ancestor, the Sumiko MMT, was an obvious step I just had to take. Firstly, the MMT was not quite a drop-in replacement for the SA-750D as it has a smaller diameter mounting pillar, but the sonic similarities were definitely there. The MMT has the same easygoing yet focused and detailed nature of the newbie, but seems to be just a little rougher round the edges, I suspect due to twenty-odd year old wiring. Equally, bearing use over the same length of time seemed to have reined in the SA-750Ds spaciousness and fluidity a little. Interestingly though, there were both upsides and downsides to this; although the MMT could not match the SA-750D for scale and sheer clarity as a result of a slight graininess, the flipside was that when the music became darker and heavier, the MMT seemed happier to get down and grunge along, right in the heart of the mosh pit! All in all, the MMT is a worthy classic arm and is well worth seeking out. It also makes a fitting basis for Jelco’s new top design.




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