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This is a two speed (33rpm, 45rpm) fully automatic turntable that comes as a complete plug-and-play package. It has an on-board phono preamplifier, making an external phono stage unnecessary, and it has the now-obligatory USB digital output that turns the analogue sound to digital so it can be recorded on a computer. This is almost unbelievable ability at £250. So what are the drawbacks?

   Dual of Germany have a reputation for producing good budget turntables that stretches way back to the 1960s. Those products were built in Germany, this product comes out of China. And that means not Hanpin of Taiwan who so ably produce the Audio Technica and Reloop turntables. Chinese turntable producers are rarer than hen’s teeth because China has no history of using the LP. Mao was a spoil-sport and would not let them have it, since decadent Rock ‘n' Roll would upset the revolution. 




A record size selector sits close to the stylus: care is needed.



In spite of this historical interpretation (!), Dual has found a Chinese turntable manufacturer, able to build a decent product I found – for peanuts. Drawbacks are an uber-budget unmarked Audio Technica cartridge that, they say, tracks at “3-3.5 grammes”, or perhaps that should be “tractors” at that weight, ploughing through grooves, since it is a worryingly high figure. I found, however, that the unit worked perfectly well, according to our tracking test disc (CBS STR-110),  at a more reasonable 2.5gms so this was how I used it. 

   The plinth is a lightweight plastic pressing that resonates when tapped with a finger whilst a record is playing – not ideal. But the up-side is that the player is very light at 3.9kgs. It is also low profile at 122mm high, with a well finished tinted acrylic, hinged dust cover. The plinth is 372mm (141/2in) deep and a 14in wall shelf is needed for enough rear clearance for the dust cover to open. Width is 435mm.



The arm bearings had no play and no friction either, allowing free movement in both planes.




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