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Budget Dual


At just £250 Dual's new USB turntable offers a great deal for the money – and can sound even better with a cartridge upgrade, says Noel Keywood. 


As I watched the arm smoothly lift from its rest, traverse to the disc then settle down gently into the run-in groove, I smiled. It was a masterful performance, carried out in muted silence, unlike the Garrards I once used that would crash their way through the process. And all Dual ask for their new MTR-75 turntable is £250. Fantastic.

But, listening to some old blues reminded me they have hellhounds on their trail. I’ve been very impressed recently by the Audio Technica AT-LP5 (Oct 16 issue) and Reloop Turn 3 (Jan 17 issue) that cost £350, both of whom could be considered serious competitors, since they have similar facilities and a higher spec...yet cost just £100 more. Bearing this in mind, because the budget turntable market is getting quite hot, let’s look at what the MTR-75 has to offer.



A nice, clean underside with well made nylon gears, autochange stampings and small frontal servo-motor. 



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