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The turntable ran +1.6% fast as delivered to us, which would be heard as raised pitch by some, but speed is adjustable. The twin outrigger pulleys showed what they could do, in conjunction with a good motor. Speed stability was superb for a belt drive, basic speed hardly wandering at all. As a result, there was little wow or flutter, a DIN weighted total Wow & Flutter figure of 0.06% being measured. That’s a trifle worse than a Direct Drive (0.04%) and better than most belt drives (0.12%). Our speed stability analysis reveals just one low 0.55Hz component (33rpm) and little else in the way of higher frequency wow or flutter components.
    The F5 arm was awkward to set up, needing careful adjustment for proper alignment. Our vibrational analysis, made with a Bruel & Kjaer accelerometer shows a well damped structure. The first bending mode lies at 180Hz and a second order mode at 360Hz, but both are low amplitude.
    Measurement showed a belt drive turntable of unusual stability that will have rock steady tone, with an arm that is well damped and vibrationally inert – a good performance all round. NK

Wow     0.1%
Flutter    0.04%
W&F wtd    0.06%
Speed    +1.6% fast





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