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Ortofon A95 MC cartridge
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Rohde & Schwarz UPV audio analyser used for measurement.

Our analysis of frequency response shows the A95 has a smooth response to 20kHz, with +1dB of lift on outer grooves – just enough to ensure treble is not dull and to provide tonal balance across the disc surface because on inner grooves treble loss from tracing error reduces the small lift to flatness – a very good overall result.
    This is an accurate and smooth cartridge with a good nude Ortofon Replicant stylus that traces the shorter mechanical wavelength of inner grooves with little loss.
    Frequency response analysis comes from JVC TRS-1007 test disc, equalised digitally in our Rohde&Schwarz UPV analyser.
    Tracking force range is quoted as 2gm-2.5gm, with 2.3gm as optimum. At 2.3gms, in an SME309 arm, the A95 managed all tracking level test tracks on CBS STR-112 test disc, the highest torture level of 90µm peak amplitude at 300Hz just being cleared. Full lateral level of 45µm was cleared easily. Also, full level lateral at 1kHz of 25cms/sec rms velocity on B&K 2010 test disc was also cleared, so the A95 tracks very well, clearing all test tracks.
    Lateral distortion was much as expected, measuring 0.9% second harmonic, this being a common result. Distortion on vertical modulation was 4% second harmonic, caused mainly by a Vertical Tracking Angle of 28 degrees, a little above the optimum of 22 degrees, but this is not uncommon since achieving the correct VTA makes a cartridge ride very low and ground on warps.
    Output was very low, a miniscule 0.17mV at 3.54 cms/sec rms, Left & Right channel (45 degrees). This amounts to 0.24mV at 5cms/sec rms velocity – extremely low. The A95 needs a very quiet preamplifier if hiss is to be avoided, input transformers usually being the best bet, although low noise transistor pairs like MAT12 can manage better.
    The A95 measures very well in every area but it has low output and needs a very quiet MC phono stage. NK

Tracking force                   2.3gms
Weight                              6gms
Vertical tracking angle      28degrees
Frequency response        20Hz - 20kHz
Channel separation          24dB
Tracking ability (300Hz)
lateral                               90µm
vertical                             45µm
lateral (1kHz)                   25cms/sec.
Distortion (45µm)
lateral                               0.9%
vertical                             4%
Output (5cms/sec rms)    0.24mV




FREQUENCY RESPONSE - inner grooves







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