Clearaudio Solution £750 Feb 99 If you seek a powerful presentation where musicality takes precedence over absolute finesse, this could be the answer
Linn Basik £400 Sep 94 Definitely a turntable for devotees of attack and strong bass lines. Not strong on imaging.
Michel Gyrodec SE £775 Apr 99 Great sound, superb build and excellent upgradability make the 'spider' a wonder at the price. (also reviewed in Sep 01)
Michell Mycro £539 Jan 94 Silent and beautifully made, with transparent reproduction.
NAD 533 £200 Nov 94 Based on a Rega Planar 2. Both pleasant to use and look at with a mature sound, all for £200.
Origin Live 
Turntable Kit
£539 Mar 02 Simply, the cheapest way to get high-end vinyl sound. Component quality is superb and the build process is a doddle for your average DIY-er.
Pink Triangle Tarantella £575 Oct 97 Simply the best at the money. Combines PT's customary transparency with real authority.
Project 1.2 £200 Jun 97 A bargain at £200 with its substantial and involving sound.
Project 6 £350 Dec 93 Involvement and rhythm are priorities. Highly recommended
Project 6.1 £435 Sep 94 The 6.1 gives a very full, strong sound. A very exciting deck
Project Classic Cherry £450 Jul 99 Emminently capable player that can be upgraded with superior cartridges.
Project Debut £109 Dec 99 Produces an enjoyable and confident sound on a budget. There are better turntables around, but not at this price!
Project RPM Four £300 Aug 01 Easy to set up and great looking, with a stable and smooth sound. The RPM Four is an audiophile bargain.
Systemdek 2X2 £500 Aug 96 Clear and precise sound through midrange and treble puts it up with more expensive rivals.
Systemdek IIX900 £415 Sep 94 Detailed sound stage and broad imaging with a good, even range of tonal colour.
Systemdek IIXE £450 Jan 93 Combined with an SME 309 it achieves great results, with a massive sound stage.
Thorens TD166 Mk6 £405 Sep 94 Tonally smooth with a warm midrange, but a little too laid back.
Thorens TD180 £180 Feb 95 A good, basic budget bargain
Thorens TD280 Mk4 £199 Jun 93 Superbly lucid and clear midrange, but lower reaches are a little lightweight
Townshend Rock III £799 Feb 94 It rewrites some of the turntable building rules and changes the way you listen to LPs as well.
Vestax BDT-2000 £225 Sep 99 Price includes cartridge and phono stage. A fit-and-forget solution to LP replay, of exceptional versatility
Virtual Reality Reson rs1 £600 Nov 95 With fine detail resolution, transparency and a neutral balance the Reson rs1 represents super value.
VPI Junior £500 Oct 97 The Junior is a very good deck indeed, with an assured and involving sound.
Alphason Symphony £1860 Nov 92 The Symphony has to be one of the best the British can offer. It's expensive, but a true sophisticate.
Basis 2001 £2995 Jun 99 It's not cheap, but the 2001 shows just why vinyl is still a sonically viable format.
Clearaudio Champion £930 Jan 02 Attractive and well built, the Champion is an accomplished turntable in its neutrality and detail. Some could find it too sterile.
Clearaudio Evolution £1095 May 00 Expensive but gorgeous looks and excellent sound somehow make the price more accepable.
Linn LP12 £2400 Sep 01 This set up includes the Valhalla power supply, Trampolin baseboard, Akito arm and Klyde MC. What the LP12 lacks in purist hi-fi stakes it more than makes up for when it comes to sheer involvment.
Linn Lingo LP12 PSU £850 Jul 02 A cracking upgrade to any LP12. The new Lingo delivers a full and spacious sound that's totally addictive.
Michell Orbe £1950 Apr 95 Fast and detailed with crisp sheer treble and clean, deep bass.
Michell Orbe VC DC
Power Supply
£750 Dec 01 Absolutely fabulous, this mod invests the Orbe with previously unheard power, poise, focus and punch.
Opus 3 Continuo/Cantus £900 Oct 95 Solid as a rock and almost as heavy, it's a satisfying performer, but not quite the best
Origin Live Oasis-A £950 Dec 98 Nice looks and a good sound, but can be bettered on price.
Origin Live Oasis-S £2250 Oct 98 The Oasis-S is a cool, lean but very transparent performer thanks to battery power. Up against strong competition.
Origin Live Oasis-S £2250 Dec 01 Updated and brilliantly judged package with tremendous strength in depth. Not as characterful sounding as its more established rivals, but certainly none the worse for it. An essential audition.
Pro-ject Perspective £900 Aug 98 Aesthetically, the Perspective is a winner, but better sound can be had from cheaper decks.
Pro-ject RPM9 £1562 May 02 Absolutely fantastic value for money. Here's a deliciously sweet sounding turntable with a fine arm and superb cartridge at a bargain price.
PT Anniversary £2390 Oct 96 With its battery supply and ultra-quiet DC motor, the Pink displays great accuracy and neutrality. A top-flight deck.
Rega P9 £2248 Apr 02 Beautifully detailed and involving, yet completely self effacing, the P9 is one of the best vinyl spinners around. Superb design and ergonomics completes a fantastic value package.
Roksan Xerxes X £1295 Jan 97 An undoubted bargain and class leader in all areas with a precise, confident and well-balanced sound. (Also reviewed Sep 01)
SME Model 20 £2500 Oct 92 This is a deck for those with a substantial record collection who demand the best. Exemplary sound. 
Technics SL-1200 LTD £1000  Apr 97 Looks expensive at £1000, but don't let that put you off the capable standard version.
Wilson Benesch £1775 Jul 96 Gives a technically excellent rendition but fails to really communicate the emotion in music.
Wilson Benesch Full Circle £2000 Mar 98 Offers clarity in abundance with a natural ease. Looks gorgeous too. (also reviewed in Sep 01)


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