Arcam Alpha £900 Nov 00 Perhaps the best system available for under £1000. A great sounding bargain
Audio Analogue System £2275 Mar 02 Plenty of power and dynamics. Good results with all music but favours classical or jazz. Will give many years of musical satisfaction.
Audio Note Zero Series £2295 Dec 99 A complete valve system for this kind of money and with as much quality is pretty rare.
Audio Note Zero System £2749 Mar 02 Produces a fine open sound thats hard to better at the price. A system for the real discerning listener who loves classical music.
Cyrus 7 System £1850 Mar 02 Best all rounder, will give a good account of itself whatever music you play.  Bass depth and control, transparent and open sound. Highly recommended.
Cyrus Quattro  £850 Nov 01 Combined CD/tuner/preamp. Beuatifully packaged, the Quattro performs its role superbly. Taut and rhythmic sound and brilliant ergonomics make it an excellent second system.
Denon DF100 £600 Dec 99 As an introduction to hi-fi we reserve judgment, but as a willing domestic workhorse and a tall step up from a 'mini' it all seems excellent value.
Denon UD-M30 £300 Feb 02 Combined CD/tuner. Detailed and open sound. Won't pound out bass or grab you by the throat but great value nontheless.
Kenwood Avino VH-600 £399 Mar 00 Great little system thats both stylish and a good performer.
Linn Classik £995 Nov 00 Combining CD player, amplifier and tuner this is another landmark product from Linn. Superb convenience with great sound.
Linn Classik Movie System £1995 Jun 02 Another great crossover product from Linn, the CMS offers tremendously satisfying sound and vision
Linn Genki/Kolektor/
LK140/Ninka spkrs
£3250 Jan 01 A great open, warm sound with plenty of drive and power. Could be a little too coloured for some though.
Musical Fidelity X-Series £1897 Nov 00 Not the cheapest system around or the most user-friendly, but it sounds superb
Myryad Cameo £1500 Nov 00 A bold attempt at separates to penetrate the 'lifestyle' market but the sound could be a little too thin for some.
Naim CDX/NAC82/
£7260 Aug 00 A beautifully built and charismatic package with a totally unique sound. Rhythmically and dynamically it's peerless but it's far from tonally neutral.
Naim Series 5 System £2500 Mar 02 Sophisticated performer with fantastic build quality. Rock and pop are played with magnificent attack and speed. Bass tuneful and fast. Recommended beyond doubt.
Naim AV2/NAP150/
£4190 Aug 02 A great way to enjoy multi-channel audio or video, and two channel too. Expensive, but many will feel this is their ultimate home cinema system.
Nakamichi CD-45 £450 Apr 01 Combined car CD/tuner with sound quality that wouldn't disgrace a decent domestic hi-fi, plus superb build and ergonomics, this is one of the most desirable car CD tuners around. Expensive, but superb value nonetheless.
Soundspace 8
£1100 Dec 99 Probably isn't hi-fi as we know it and lacks a bit of smoothness, but looks good!
Roksan Kandy £1325 Nov 00 Good sound and excellent build from Roksan. Exciting and up-front sound which could become tiring after a while.
Teac CR-H100 £229 Mar 01 Combined CD player, tuner and amplifier. Easy to use, and great to the ear. Partner with high quality 'speakers and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results.


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