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Our pink-noise, third-octave analysis of frequency response shows the Tannoy Mercury 7.4 floorstander has an even balance right across the audio band; it is fundamentally an accurate loudspeaker in basic tonality. There is a small lift in output at crossover, around 3kHz, enough to give a little emphasis to upper midrange detail. The tweeter has a smooth output but it extends strongly to 18kHz and is +2dB above the midband, so treble will be obvious. 

   Together, these characteristics mean the Mercury 7.4 veers toward brightness. Our response is a best result, achieved slightly off-axis, when the speaker is pointed straight down the room, not directly at listeners. Treble output was slightly more pronounced on-axis.

   Low frequency output starts to roll away below 200Hz but then returns to peak at 60Hz, before falling quickly. The ports are tuned a bit low (35Hz) against this but still exhibit a broad damping effect, our impedance trace shows. In all, the 7.4s are still reasonably even in bass output, with the supplied foam bungs in place. The ports extend output to 20Hz so deep lows are possible, but not with any power since port output was low. With bungs removed bass rises by a small 1dB or so; they make little difference.

   Sensitivity was very high for a small floorstander, measuring 90dB from one nominal Watt (2.8V) of input. Impedance measured 6.6 Ohms overall, but the bass unit is 4 Ohms. The loudspeaker will go loud at low volume control settings and needs no more than 40 Watts to reach very high volume. 

   The Mercury 7.4 measured well in all areas. It will come across as a tad bright but very detailed. Bass will be in good balance but some narrow emphasis may be apparent. NK


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