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Treble energy and roll-off can be adjusted separately; there are 'lift' and 'lower' settings.

    Those big cabinets are made from plywood, which is more durable than MDF. They are finished with an oiled Walnut veneer and protective Walnut hardwood corner trims; Tannoy recommend the cabinets are waxed and not stood in direct sunlight, to avoid fading. They sit on an integral plinth, with four feet; spikes are not available.
    The front grill can be removed, unlocked with a key. Beneath, on the veneered front baffle, lies a heavy machined brass adjustment panel that employs thumbscrews to select treble level and roll off. As delivered these are set to Level and that’s what our measured frequency response shows. Treble can be lifted or lowered and the upper limit reduced if desired, by small amounts that effect subtle changes. Tannoy consistently voice their loudspeakers to be smooth and accurate and, if anything, a tad mild at high frequencies; they don’t come with obvious or fierce upper treble. There are treble lift positions to increase midrange output to give more thrust, if you wish.
    Because the horn loaded tweeter is very well integrated with the bass/midrange unit, there is no crossover suckout to soften the sound, and the horn is forceful in any case so the Kensington doesn’t come sounding laid-back; quite the reverse it has a lot of midrange push and strong insight and detailing. 
    The crossover is Cryogenically treated (deep frozen) and this does improve insight I feel, subjectively lowering the noise floor to reveal fine low level detail. It adds air and space into the sound.
    Tannoy use sturdy, high quality WBT screw connectors with removable wire links for those that want to bi-wire. As always, there is an earth terminal so the metal frames and parts can be earthed, lessening their sensitivity to RF (Radio Frequencies).


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