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Graham Audio has done a fine job with its BBC-licensed LS5/9. It’s overall sound is well-balanced, smooth and even. There’s no stinging treble to make your ears ring nor a thumping bass that overwhelms everything else. Yes, some loudspeakers of a more modern vintage may sound superficially more exciting at first listen – but the LS5/9s are more likely to reward in the long-term as they let the music flow without firing it at you full bore. The original BBC design proved  popular 30 years ago – and I’d have a bet the latest Graham Audio iteration could well be giving listeners musical pleasure 30 years from now. Just remember to partner them with a suitably powerful amplifier, sturdy stands and take care with positioning. Then sit back and enjoy.


Graham Audio LS5/9 £3,450

OUTSTANDING - amongst the best


A well-engineered update of a classic loudspeaker design. Superbly musical and enjoyable

- smooth mid and treble
- detail
- timing

- needs a powerful amplifier
- slight bass emphasis




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