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Frequency response measured relatively flat for a small loudspeaker, our Clio measurement system, pink noise analysis, shows. The small case limits bass extension, but the FS-X reaches down to 200Hz and this is good for its dimensions. If bass is boosted on the player, as if often can be by using an equaliser, the FS-X has the ability to respond with stronger bass. A small mid-range peak at 2kHz enhances the speaker's intelligibility with vocals. Apart from this, frequency response is smooth and it extends upwards well to 15kHz, so there's plenty of clear treble to support cymbals and give a sense of air to a performance.

   The FS-X delivered 93dB Sound Pressure Level at one metre, using full volume on an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 via Bluetooth, so it plays very loud from portable devices.

   Via its analogue input it delivered 90dB at one metre from 1V input  –  the headphone output of an Apple iPad Mini – as shown by our SPL shot below. Maximum volume is 100dB at 0.5 metres the manufacturers claim. Our measurements support this, since a CD player (2V) will produce 96dB through the FS-X at one metre and this equates to 100dB at 0.5 metre.

  The little Frankenspiel FS-X measured well in all areas – it is well engineered.




SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL (at 1metre from an iPad)


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FS-X Speaker Review
1Friday, 02 May 2014 11:25
Appreciate your comments on the FS-X which I have backed. The readings, as confirmed by you, show smooth response from 200Hz to 15Khz.

Frankenspiel claims that the -6dB frequency response is 80Hz - 20KHz. I don't see that in your readings.

Since the 80Hz-200Hz region is important to give music the punch, would like to know your findings on this part of the frequency range with the FS-X.

Hi-Fi World
A 'speaker so small cannot do 80Hz-200Hz at the same level as the midband. That is why the review suggests that if you want bass punch, best to use an equaliser; the FS-X has enough headroom to cope with bass boost. All small loudspeakers don't do deep bass, but the FS-X was punchy and fast – and fun all the same.

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