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The Wharfedale Dentons’ 1960s retro look will inevitably be a matter of taste. Personally, I love it. But taken on sound quality alone there’s no argument: Wharfedale have produced a very impressive, sophisticated, detailed and musical speaker here at an almost bargain price of £500. They combine class-leading levels of detail, coherence and a toe-tapping factor that just demands you keep listening.

You could easily spend a great deal more and end up with much less than the Dentons deliver.

Factor in the superb build quality and there’s no doubt Wharfedale has done a fine job of updating a classic from its illustrious 


Warm, extremely detailed and very musical, the new Wharfedale Denton is a superb speaker for the price – highly recommended.




- detail

- supremely smooth

- retro look

- build quality



- retro look? 



WHARFEDALE DENTON 80th Anniversary Edition £500


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Comments (4)
wharfedale denton 80th anniversary speakers
4Friday, 20 March 2015 16:32
robert baldry
I think it's a wonderful pair of speakers. The Denton's have a beautiful detailed and rich sound. The sound is full and full of depth. They sound much better than any others of similar price in my opinion. The retro look won't appeal to many but the sound is amazing and so revealing. A shame its a limited addition. Well worth searching for.
Thanks for the recommendation
3Saturday, 07 June 2014 08:39
Having spent some time looking for speakers that were to my taste came across your review.For the first time I actually bought a pair ''on faith'' for £300 , new, sold on EBAY as ''slight cosmetic seconds'' released by the manufacturers. I can only wholeheartedly agree with your comments.
A truly great set of speakers that combine the best of old and new. (and i really cannot find a cosmetic fault on them, wharfedales standards are obvously very high for this model)
Limited Edition ?
2Friday, 28 December 2012 05:45
I was told the new 80th Anniversary Denton speakers are limited edition; and they only make 2000 pairs. Is this true?

Hi Kenji. At this moment I do not know: everyone is enjoying Christmas and / or recovering from the New Year celebrations so I cannot ask. But I am meeting designer Peter Comeau on 4th January 2013 and will ask him for you. I will post his reply here.
He did tell me traditional Wharfedales are popular in China and Far East markets, so it seems likely some form of Denton will continue. Noel Keywood

UPDATE 8/1/13
I met designer Peter Comeau last Friday and put your question to him. The 80th Anniversary Edition is not limited specifically by number produced, but it is by being current only over the anniversary year, so one year's production of this loudspeaker is all that will leave the factory. It seems to me this would amount to around 2500 pairs though, so your figure is probably not far off. Noel Keywood
1Saturday, 17 November 2012 00:34
Finally – a good looking speaker not resembling a condom!

Er - yes, O.K. Marco. I don't know what loudspeakers you have been looking at. Were they in a brothel?

The Wharfedale's 'classic styling' appeals a lot to the Chinese market, as well as others not wanting unpleasant objects in their lounge (shall we say!).

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