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Big loudspeakers often have strong characteristics, massive bass and excess treble too. Quadral have tried and largely succeeded in producing a sound of large scale but great control in the Vulkan VIII – not properties that are easy to combine. It runs cleanly from the highest highs down to the lowest lows without unnatural emphasis over the entire audio range. This is a dry, controlled, finely balanced but accurate loudspeaker. With copious dynamics, it is big hearted too, yet goes from loud to soft with an alacrity that is rare. This gives it a smooth ability that defies other loudspeakers.

With so much effort in the design, including a good understanding of how to tie together the various components in subjective terms to achieve a cohesive whole, rather than a disparate set of sonic parts, the Vulkan VIII is one impressive loudspeaker. If you want to hear a thoroughly modern, well engineered loudspeaker, with fantastic imaging and amazing detail, plus deep, fast bass, this is one you should hear. I'm happy to report it didn't burst into flame either, so it gets full five globes. Vulcan may not be so happy – but I was.


verdict five globes
 A massive sound but one that is both fast and accurate, with delicious detail and imaging.



+44 (0)1785 748 446



- precision sound stage

- clear midband

- tonally balanced



- some sheen

- small box colour



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