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Initial measurement revealed a sharp phase dip between bass and midrange drivers. Reversing the connections to the bass unit – easy to do on this loudspeaker – brought the drivers into relative phase with each other and produced the frequency response shown. In essence the m midrange and treble ribbon drivers are quite flat and even, free from the small peaks of local resonance that colour conventional drivers. The small treble unit has a peak of a few dB unless measured slightly off axis (as we measured it), whereupon it measures quite flat. So, for flattest response the LFT-16 should be pointed straight down a room; for slightly stronger treble that should be pointed at the listener. Either way, the magnetic planar drivers measure very well, being unusually smooth in their output – expect a silky sound.

The sensitivity of such drivers is usually on the low side and this explains why their output is slightly below that of the bass/midrange unit. This makes for an easy, full bodied sound and also keeps sensitivity up. Measuring just 82dB sensitivity is low even with such measures in place and the LFT-16s need a little power to go loud – around 60 Watts or more. Overall impedance measured 7.3 Ohms with pink noise and the impedance curve is very smooth; how LFT prevent the sealed-box bass driver from peaking sharply I do not know; it looks quite well damped and gets down to a respectable lower limit of 55Hz before output falls steeply. So low bass and subsonics are limited and near wall use preferable. Our decay plot shows a good result with little overhang generally from the magnetic planar drivers n particular. Our distortion analysis shows quite clearly how distortion descends to less than 0.1% where the magnetic planar driver operates, from 800Hz to 10kHz. 

The LFT-16's magnetic planar drive units and bass driver measure very well. This is a loudspeaker with unique properties.  NK

FREQUENCY RESPONSE (what it means)


Green - as delivered; White - re-connected in-phase.

IMPEDANCE (what it means)


DECAY SPECTRUM 200mS (what it means)


DECAY MAP 200mS (what it means)


DISTORTION (what it means)


BASS DISTORTION (what it means)


Comments (3)
3Thursday, 17 May 2012 22:22
What these speakers offer is a precise sound stage along with reflected sounds (more natural) too. (Many much more expensive spkrs are sadly devoid of those.) Even more so than it's big brother. The 8's lose the precision of the 16's. The bass to me is not an issue.
I couldn't care less what a speaker looks like. if you don't like them hide them in linen. Form follows function for me.
These things are phenoms!
LFT-08b etc
2Tuesday, 12 July 2011 17:10
Noel Keywood, publisher
Hi John,

The LFT-08b I reviewed in our January 2010 issue was better finished than the LFT-16, due to absence of floorboard! It's somewhat agricultural construction was obvious in the pictures I felt, but perhaps I should have been specific. In the final analysis though I forgive designer Bruce Thigpen just about everything for producing a truly innovative and better loudspeaker at a - relatively speaking - bargain price. Thanks for letting us know your view of them.
The red pen is being sharpened for Alvin!

best regards
Noel Keywood, publisher
Eminent LFT-16
1Tuesday, 12 July 2011 16:35
John Oakman
Hi Noel,
Floorboards indeed. Of course you're right, however the LFT 8B's (which incidentally encouraged me to buy a pair) are no better in terms of fit & finish & can only be intended for the 'enthusiast'.Maybe you were just being kind when you reviewed them (no mention at all of the f & f but then of course there is none) !

But what a loudspeaker.Totally rewired with your chosen brand of cable (Nordost here) (the stuff Bruce uses is - er - well wire. Bruce's capacitors I suppose have a use somewhere in the world of electronics(Mundorfs work wondrously), decent terminals rather than the throw away Chinese specials,etc etc & you have a loudspeaker to take on the world.Not to mention most important of all a design genius who is a joy to email & responds accordingly. The rotary sub up next for review ?????

Enjoy the magazine hugely & pleased to see Alvin on the team, but 'please' not too much composer pomposity. I'm sorry if Tchaikovsky has too much heart for him to handle. Perhaps he needs a pair of LFT 8B's in his life.

Best Wishes
John Oakman

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