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Martin Logan’s XStat panel in the Ethos is probably the best electrostatic driver I have ever heard, and this alone hoists it way up above most other loudspeakers. Only Tannoy’s impressive Definition DC-10 comes close at the price (November 2010 issue), but it is very different in character, or the Eminent LFT-08b (January 2010 issue) with its wide range ribbon driver come to mind as alternatives, but the Eminent isn’t so well styled and finished. That makes the Ethos one of the best loudspeakers available at the price - quite an achievement. 

It is for those who want obvious and extended deep bass, the dramatic sonic purity of a top quality electrostatic and a standard of design and finish high enough to grace a modern home. Then, given suitable matching equipment, for this is an unforgiving loudspeaker in some ways, the Ethos offers a startling musical experience and one you should try to hear if you can. In important ways this is one of the best loudspeakers on the market and, in some senses, a snip at the price.

verdict five globes

A fabulous sounding electrostatic loudspeaker, if with less than perfect bass. Great all the same, and all but unique.

Martin Logan
Ethos £6,498
Absolute Sounds
+44(0)208 971 3909


- breathtaking clarity
- superlative smoothness
- lack of colouration

- mediocre bass quality
- limited bass adjustment
- subtle lack of 'body'



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