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Usher are strong on measurement and producing a loudspeaker that is accurate, rather than enhanced. So the measured frequency response of the Be-10 comes as no surprise: it stays close to the 0dB datum from 60Hz all the way up to 18kHz, an unusually wide frequency range as loudspeakers go, and one that stays almost studiously close to notional perfection (in one sense). There’s no treble lift wherever the measuring microphone is placed so the Be-10 isn’t tweaked for the showroom and will sound less bright than most rivals, which these days have emphasised treble. However, a steady state pink noise analysis did show that in a room, modal build up of bass energy causes the Be-10 to peak at 75Hz and deliver enormous energy down to 50Hz, below which the port (red trace) kicks in to extend output down to 20Hz, our analysis shows. Since port output measures +8dB above forward driver output at 40Hz it contributes strongly. The Dancer Be-10 excited our room’s main mode at 24Hz strongly, so it will have earthquake bass in large rooms.

The 5in (127mm) inverted Beryllium dome midrange and 1in (25mm) Beryllium dome tweeter together contributed to an unusually clean 200mS decay spectrum, ranking as one of the best loudspeakers we have measured to date and approaching that of the Kingsound Prince II electrostatic. So expect very low colouration and superb levels of clarity.

Sensitivity measured 89dB, as claimed, and impedance worked out at 6.3 Ohms overall, identical to the D.C.R. of 6.3 Ohms. The port is tuned very low, to 24Hz, and the impedance curve shows it exerts wide damping, correlating to its wideband output. Bass notes from 40Hz upward will play cleanly over a non-resonant region of operation and should sound firm and even as a result. Above 60Hz to Be-10 load is 4 Ohms, and largely resistive, so it’s a relatively easy load that should suit both valve and solid-state amplifiers, high sensitivity suggesting 20-60 Watts is all that will be needed in most circumstances.

The Be-10 is classically well engineered, giving a superb measured performance in every area. It will need little power, match all amplifiers, is totally accurate, will have monumental bass and approach electrostatic levels of clarity and low colouration, measurement suggests. NK





Green - driver output         Red - port output




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