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It is amazing how many high end speakers are so obviously flawed. Glorious flaws they may be; indeed some people even buy them because of these ‘quirks’; but imperfections they remain. The thing about the Usher Be-10s is that - to my ears at least - they are mostly flawless. They are exceptionally open and expansive, whilst being uncoloured to a degree than makes your average electrostatic sound like a pair of disco speakers. After a protracted run-in and a thirty minute warm up every day they work brilliantly with all sorts of music, always drawing one's attention to the innate goodness of the recording rather than its faults. They’re superb at capturing the essence of recording, as well as giving you chapter and verse about the fine detail. They’re generally dizzyingly fast and dynamic, yet never need be used solely for these purposes - you can kick back with some late night classic jazz and relax without being assaulted.


Realistically, you need a serious system for the Usher Be-10s; the review system I used was the minimum you’d be countenancing. Think also about a medium to large room, not a small one - although they’re better in confined spaces than other ‘big’ speakers such as B&W 801s. Music choice? Well - the Ushers loved everything I tried, being seemingly one of the best all rounders in the business. Overall, as you might have guessed, I think these are one of the best pairs of loudspeakers I’ve heard - up there with the finest electrostatics and multi-ribbon designs around. They showcase the best in contemporary (and classic) loudspeaker design and, just as importantly, make it work like few others.




Many thanks to Infidelity (9 High Street, Hampton Wick, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey KT1 4DA, tel: +44(0)20 8943 3530) for their help in preparation of this article.


verdict five globes

Brilliantly engineered loudspeakers with leading edge technology, honed to deliver breathtakingly clean, open and musical sound.


USHER BE-10 £10,500

Hi Fidelity Uk

+44 (0)845 052 52 59




- seamless clarity across a wide frequency range

- arrestingly powerful bass

- exceptional tonal neutrality

- overall finesse



- fractionally slower bass

- require long run in & careful room and system matching


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