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The complicated, horn loaded tweeter of the Antal, complete with phase plug, looks unusual but provides a good result our frequency response analysis shows. Treble was surprisingly smooth and this should allow the Antal to avoid the spiky sound of most dome tweeters. The upper midband is well supported, as crossover between tweeter and the paper cone midrange at 2500Hz is fairly smooth. The midrange exhibits some lift in output that will boost vocal presence, and a sharp drop below 600Hz that brings level back to the median average. Crossover to the bass units occurs at 250Hz, Triangle state, and is smooth our analysis shows. Bass output extends smoothly down to 100Hz, but a pink noise analysis shows there is some peaking (+2dB) around 80Hz to add a little bass zest. 

The trace of port output (red) shows a fairly broad and smooth pass band, suggestive of good damping upon the bass units. With output +6dB above the bass drivers at 80Hz (not shown) the big port makes a substantial contribution to deep bass and it runs low, to 23Hz. The impedance curve reflects this situation, showing a wide dip around 35Hz with low residual peaks either side of port damping. This is a very good result, showing well damped bass and a good load characteristic that will ease amplifier matching and power transfer, especially with valve amplifiers. Low rates of change of Z show little reactance exists in the load too, to improve matching with high feedback transistor amps.

A sensitivity of 89dB means the Antal goes loud with little power and can be used with low power amplifiers, although at least 20 Watts is advisable. Our 200mS decay analysis shows the bass is a little ‘hot’ around the peak at 80Hz, as expected, and there is a little overhang in the midrange around 1kHz, probably linked to a peak in port output, both linked to a cabinet mode.

Bass distortion was very low, measuring just 1% from the drive units at 40Hz (for 90dB SPL at 1m) and 2% from the port – a very low port value. The midrange unit measured a normal 0.3% or so across its operating range.

The Antal measures very well in most areas and has considerable strengths. Although our decay analysis shows a little time smear, this is unlikely to be very audible. Smooth treble and well controlled bass are positives, plus a midrange that will be projective. Amplifier matching is excellent too. 


Green - driver output

Red - port output






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