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Probably the tidiest and easiest loudspeakers I have heard for some time, the Antal EXs are a well designed floorstander that get a lot very right. Coming from the paper tradition, Triangle use light cones to capture speed and dynamics, but they have moved the technology forward to get away from the sharpness that accompanies paper, especially when volume goes up. With the Antals it’s obvious Triangle have worked to get a level of smoothness into their sound sufficient to confound competitors. At the same time they haven’t lost the liveliness of paper; the Antal is both clear and dynamic. But as good as it was in so many ways the one that held me was its wonderful sound staging. It’s been a long time since I heard such a wide and clear  array of rock solid images set against a deep background. Here the Antals put up a sound that is both exciting and special. Spending six grand isn’t easily going to better this, making Triangle’s Antal EX loudspeaker a great value floorstander.



verdict four globes

Expansive sound stage, pin sharp and deep too. Dynamically lively and with strong bass. A very engaging loudspeaker.



Triangle, France




- fast and well defined

- superb vocal rendition

- broad soundstage



- slightly hard sheen

- weak rubber feet



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