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Until very recently my main analogue disc system comprised Garrard 401 + Hadcock 228 + London Pro (New Decca ) cartridge playing into a WAD KEL84 amp via Linsley Hood preamp (both home kit builds ) into a pair of KEF Q900 speakers. 

Since fitting the Hadcock, although it suits the London well, I have missed the facility of plug in heads that allowed me to play 78s etc. Upon reading a review of the Jelco 750 arm I was tempted to take a chance and fit one to my 401 but realised the cost would be around £550 by the time a connecting lead was factored in, so I had a look at alternatives. This resulted in me taking maybe a higher risk by purchasing a Stanton ST 150 high-end DJ deck at £405 as this gave me all the cartridge change facilities I wanted, 33, 45 and 78 speeds (in fact up to 117rpm or down to 10rpm if needed, both in forward and reverse!) combined with a very high torque (4.5kgs.max.) Direct Drive motor unit. 

It is now up and running and giving excellent reproduction and to my surprise and relief my Decca cartridge is very happy in the Stanton arm, especially as the Stanton unit is very heavy at 19kgs. with good isolating feet. 

For me this cross fertilisation  between the hi-fi and the DJ world has really worked well and I would encourage anyone with similar needs to look beyond just the hi-fi world (not the mag. which is always most informative!) and into  DJ equipment. After all, good reproduction of music is common to both.

William Dudman 





The Stanton ST150 DJ Direct Drive DJ deck "gave me all the cartridge

change facilities I wanted, 33, 45 and 78 speeds" says William Dudman.



Reloop RP-6000 Mk6 Direct Drive turntable has facilities and arm similar

to Stanton ST150. Does it come from the same factory?



Thanks for letting us know about your experiences with this deck William. The ST150 looks much like a Reloop RP-6000 Mk6 and also like the Vestax in bits at my feet that is made in China (it says on the DD motor). It seemed likely that these all come from one OEM supplier. Their similarity to the Technics SL-1200, the turntable that started it all, is obvious. But the motor doesn't look like a Technics item, and its Chinese origin also suggests otherwise. So I turned to our Direct Drive guru, Dave Cawley and he directed me to Hanpin, of China. They originate from Taiwan, according to their history. So this is where all those high torque, Direct Drive DJ turntables comes from. Dave tells me the arm is virtually impossible to change, a pity. 





Today's Direct Drive turntables are made by Hanpin in China.



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