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Please could you advise me. I am thinking of changing my amp. which is a Cerwin Vega CV-2800 heavy duty professional amplifier. The specification is 900 w into 4 ohms in stereo mode and 2800 w into 4 ohms in bridged mono mode. The speakers I use are Cerwin-Vega Professional Intense series INT-252v2 dual 15’’ 2.5-way full range.


My room size is 16ft x12ft with a fairly low ceiling which slopes each side in the Dutch Barn style. I play my music very loud and like a very dynamic sound as I only play 1950s Rock & Roll. I like very deep low bass and projected vocals also good high frequency response as I am in my 60s and have found you can not hear the h.f. as well at my age.


I use bog standard speaker cables with Nuetrik Speakon connectors. My pre-amp is a budget Rotel RC972. I do have two of these Cerwin power amps so I am able to use one per channel in the bridged mono mode. The type of sound I like is the loud fairground very dynamic sound.

My question is: will I have a much better sound if I changed my amps for a Jungson JA-99c power amp and would this improvement, if any, be instantly noticeable? If not I would not be interested in changing my power amps.

Thanks in advance.

Thomas Sturt








The Cerwin Vega CV-2800 professional amplifier and Cerwin-Vega Professional Intense Series INT-252v2 loudspeaker with two 15’’ bass units no less!  "I play my music very loud" says Thomas Sturt.




That’s one big system Thomas. Cerwin Vega, who ‘specialise in big & loud’ rate your loudspeakers, with two 15in bass units no less, as producing 94dB from one Watt, so with 900 Watts your system can produce 123dB Sound Pressure Level from each loudspeaker, or around 126dB total – not much below Concorde taking off! I think your hearing may well have been affected if you use all of this.


The JungSon JA-99C produces 80 Watts per channel of pure Class A sound and the JungSons we have reviewed in the past were impressively clear and open, in typical Class A fashion. As you’ll get 116dB SPL on peaks, volume level is unlikely to be an issue in your room, even if the JungSon produces far less power than your Cerwin Vega CV-2800 Class H amplifier. In this sense the JungSon would be a step up, but somehow I don’t think you will really appreciate it as the ear starts to overload at high volumes and the benefits of this sort of amplifier won’t be apparent to you.


The system you have will make most fairground systems sound like a transistor radio, so I’d spend your money on some more Rock & Roll from the 1950s if I was you. NK



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