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Thanks for your very interesting comparison of digital streamers in your March edition. I’ve been running one flavour or another of a networked Squeezebox for a few years now and never looked back. It’s a boon in convenience and I find the sound quality excellent (digital output from my Touch to Lyngdorf digital amps into Perigee ribbons or Final electrostatics / Lyngdorf corner woofers).


Keeping the music library in order though does take a bit of time and effort and, to be fair, users of Squeezeboxes and the like are usually expected to have a modicum of computer savvy. It’s really cute too to be able to access my music from the comfort of my IPad!


Anyway, I came across the suggestions below and applied them a year ago and they did make a very noticeable improvement (I haven’t changed the power supply as I had tried that with a previous Squeezebox and, to be honest, heard no difference).


I’ve recently upgraded to v3.0 of the firmware modifications which has been a real step change improvement. The instructions may look a bit disconcerting at first, especially to a novice, but the whole revision took about an hour. The instructions are actually quite easy to follow and you can ignore various sections depending on what you want to do. Perhaps you might want to try them on your own Touch and re-evaluate. Might move the score up a notch or two!

Stephen Judge




The popular Logitech Squeezebox can be tweaked to improve its sound, says Stephen Judge.



DIY-AUDIO SBT Modification Thread




I listen mainly to classical music, most of the time late at night, so with reduced volume. And my problem is: for some reason the music is not involving. I know that is a difficult and personal description, but it is the only way to put it. I am sure that everything measures very fine, but in the end I often switch off the music after an hour or so.


My setup is: KEF 203 Reference loudspeakers, MBL 7008 amplifier, Olive 4 music server (just used as digital output), North Star 192 MK2 DAC. Power and ‘speaker cabling from Cassiopeia, XLR interlinks (DAC to amplifier) from John van Gent and Kimber Select KS 2020 digital interlink.

I don’t fancy going analogue (LPs) as I have zero LPs and 500+ CDs (real CDs and/or downloaded). Due to physical restrictions, I cannot use a tube amplifier or separate pre/power amp.


Do you have any suggestions what might be wrong with my system? Why does it make me so listening-fatigued? Any suggestion what I could try to change? Or is it just me, between the ears?

Kind regards,

Serge Wallach








KEF Reference 203 loudspeakers




We have all suffered this and I know what you are experiencing. The KEFs are good but can be a bit clattery in their treble and this does not suit the items you are using to drive them. The MBL amplifier is not a good subjective match; it has a rather soul-less and dry delivery, if clean and powerful. I suggest you replace it with a Creek Destiny II integrated amplifier – this will make a big difference. As transistor amps go it is smooth as silk, almost warm, but big and muscular in character. NK





Creek Destiny 2 amplifier has an easy, enjoyable sound, but is powerful and suits KEF Reference 203 loudspeakers.


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