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Thank you Hi-Fi World for a proper look at the legendary Yamaha CT-7000. Isn’t it a belter!? I obtained one of these a couple of years back (from Heatherdale pre-owned, fantastic service and help, sorry about the ad here but they were brilliant).

Over the years I’ve been through the usual suspects in tuners (Quads, Meridian, Revox) but nothing ever seems to match this beautiful behemoth, and boy is it heavy! A tinkerers dream with all sorts of knobs to play with the only thing with mine is that the stereo light takes a few minutes to kick in. Any ideas about this? It tunes in but just doesn’t light straightaway. (I have a 5 element twig mounted on the chimney). Awesome station pick-up, it seems to me, as it drags in all sorts of stations that my trusty old Quad FM3 ignores. A very interesting article all-round and reassuring to see that there is plenty of life left in some of this vintage gear.

My entire system is second-hand (except the ATC SCM 20 speakers) and consists of Michell GyroDec (the nice bronze version, don’t you just love that gold bling) with QC/ SME 309/ Dynavector 10x5 (all second hand), Audion Sterling Valve Phono Stage (that came from a swap), ATC S1A2-150 amp (old model, but better looking than the new one, even if they both rather look like welding sets,. ATC have never really embraced the aesthetic side of design, let’s be honest. Got this amp from an ad on Gumtree of all places.

CD is via Marantz CD85 (£180 off ebay and in immaculate nick, with nice rosewood cheeks) with a Meridian 203 Bitstream DAC (and that really does open things up).

By the way, the kitchen system is even weirder: a full FM3/ 303/ 33 set (that I purchased for £60 from a friend of a friend) powering two sets of Realistic Minimus wooden cabinet speakers (both sets off ebay, one pair just needed a re-sand and polish). It’s high time these little Tandy Babies were looked at seriously boys - how about it?

Simon Gregory





The lovely Yamaha CT-7000 tuner drags in stations a Quad FM3 ignores, says Simon Gregory.



If I could take some time to cover the two issues here with the Etain you reviewed in the August 2011 issue, which were the faulty tweeter of course, and the reversal in the tweeter which you found after replacing this tweeter.

The ribbon tweeter in question here is used on our OGMA loudspeaker too and is only fitted to our top models. To date we have received no complaints about this particular unit from our customer base, either from the longer established Ogma or the newly released Etain. All our end user customers units are measured just prior to shipping to ensure quality is maintained. Any reversal in the tweeter circuit, or any other discrepancy in either the impedance or frequency response would have been picked up at that point and corrected. However none of this excuses the fault you found in the tweeter unit.

The first replacement unit sent down was brand new and sealed in its original box as you probably discovered and as such we were totally unaware that there was a problem with this latest batch of drive units. Since we have been notified by yourself of the problem we immediately checked the remainder of our stock (the bulk of which was bought in to supply Etain demand) and found approximately 20% of them to exhibit the same fault, all of which came from the same later batch (earlier examples were found to be okay) and the matter has been taken up with our supplier. All our registered users of this tweeter will be e-mailed and any speakers found to exhibit this fault will be replaced at our expense.


Mowgan Audio's Bill Bridge explains his tweeter trials and tribulations.


Moving on to the reversed tweeter connections. In order to meet with your production timelines the speakers sent for review were our factory test pair as indicated in my first exchange of e-mails to editor DP and were last tested on the 30th of April and measured okay at that point in time.

During design and ongoing development it is possible for our test models, and only our test models, to have driver polarities changed at various locations along the signal chain, and not necessarily at the same point within each speaker, however ultimate polarity will remain constant between the stereo pair. For example if a change to one crossover reveals a need for a reversal to the tweeter, we would do this on the crossover while it is out of the cabinet. However for the other speaker it would be easier for us to remove 4 bolts from tweeter and make the reversal on the binding posts there rather than undoing the whole cabinet unfitting the crossover, de-soldering then re-soldering etc etc. Likewise for the tweeter levelling resistor, this was fitted behind the tweeter on the factory pair but located on the crossover board on our production models. However on the customers' final units none of this would be necessary as the circuits and polarities are known. I cannot say for certain that we didn’t err sometime between 30th of April and the review date and introduced another reversal inadvertently although I cannot remember an occasion when we would have had the need to amend the speaker as it was finalised at that time. Regardless of how this came about in this pair this is not possible on our end user speakers as they are checked just prior to dispatch to the customer and any such error would be discovered then.

Hopefully you will see from the above that the tweeter problem is new to us and is a result of a faulty batch of drive units from our suppliers. You will also note that any similar faults found on existing customer units will be repair FOC by us including any shipping where necessary. Finally you should be aware that when the problem was highlighted to us, that our response was immediate and replacement parts were with you the following morning.

I hope the above alleviates any doubt you have about our quality of products and our customer service.

Bill Bridge

Mowgan Audio.


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