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The Simple Audio Roomplayer+ amplifier produced 24 Watts into 8 Ohms and exactly double, 48 Watts into 4 Ohms, showing very good internal regulation from the Switch Mode power supply (SMPS). 

Via the Auxiliary input distortion was minimal at full output and at 1 Watt (0.006%) with no sign of the usual distortion and noise from Class D amplifiers. Frequency response shut off hard at 20kHz though, suggesting an input ADC with 44.1kHz sample rate – unusual. Treble rolled down slightly at high frequencies our analysis shows, so the Roomplayer+ amplifier will sound clean but a trifle warm, or ‘easy’. Input sensitivity was very low at 1.2V, but can be increased. 

The internal DAC, tested via ethernet from a MacBook Pro running digital test files, was linear, obviously 24bit since distortion at -60dB measured a low-ish 0.09%, although 0.02% is possible, this result being compromised by noise. Noise also resulted in EIAJ Dynamic Range measuring 107dB, good but not exceptional. NK


Power                              24watts

Frequency response    6Hz-20kHz

Separation                     89dB

Noise                               -105dB

Distortion                         0.006%

Sensitivity                        1.2V

Dynamic Range (EIAJ)  107dB







DISTORTION (24bit, -60dB, ethernet)




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