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Measured Performance
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Rohde & Schwarz UPV

Measurement by Rohde & Schwarz UPV audio analyser

Frequency response measured flat to 45kHz and then rolled down smoothly to a 48kHz limit with a 96kHz sample rate signal. With a 192kHz sample rate test signal the S1 was -1dB down at 60kHz and reached right up to 96kHz our analysis shows, so it achieves the full potential of high sample rate PCM.

Distortion with a 16bit signal was as good as possible and with 24bit distortion at the critical -60dB level measured a low 0.05%, comparable with the best DACs available. EIAJ Dynamic range with 24bit was a high 104dB as a result of low quantisation noise. Output was very high 2.8V at 0dB.

The Aune S1 measures very well in all areas and unlike so many current DACs, offers the full analogue bandwidth theoretically available from 192kHz sample rate PCM digital. Being so thoroughly engineered it is likely to have very good sound quality.NK

Frequency response (-1dB)    24/192 PCM     1Hz - 60kHz

Distortion (24bit)
0dB        0.002
-6dB       0.004
-60dB     0.05
-80dB     0.47

Separation (1kHz)     95dB
Noise (IEC A)            -99dB
Dynamic range (24bit)    104dB
Output    2.8V


FREQUENCY RESPONSE  (192kHz sample rate)              what it means

Aune S1 frequency response (192kHz S.R.)



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