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As you may have gathered the Aune S1 wasn’t the most stable and consistent product I have come across, its total refusal to software start from the remote control being the most obvious problem, solved by using the hardware power switch. That and a few other hiccups apart though, it got on with its job and was easy to use, being all but Press and Play if you ignore menu legibility issues.
    In the all important sound quality arena though, the S1 offers a gloriously rich and intense experience way ahead of CD, by fully exploiting the benefits of high resolution recordings. It doesn’t  cover all formats admittedly, but a conversion programme like CKD can fix most issues here. Then, as £500 CD players go, the S1 is streets ahead, only it isn’t a CD player of course, it is what comes next.

An easy to use and inexpensive media player that gives superb sound quality, if with some foibles.

- smooth detailed sound
- ease of use
- flexibility

- no software power-on
- system hang-ups
- small display screen

AUNE S1                         £525
imported by Item Audio
+44 (0)1782 621225




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