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With no analogue outputs there is little that can be measured from the Stream X. Random jitter from the digital output was very low, hovering around 10pS our analysis shows. A 1kHz, -60dB test signal induced just 25pS of signal related jitter, seen as a small peak in our Rohde & Schwarz analysis – and this is very low. Around 40pS or more is common with this test.

High frequency jitter noise above 10kHz was also very low, a feature of well engineered network players that lifts them above a majority of silver disc players.

Low rate clock drift, seen as a rise in the trace at far left, reached a low value of 40pS. Any value below 100pS is good; CD players with poor clock stability are terrible here. Premium hi-fi network players generally outperform most else in this area because of the emphasis placed on stability, low noise and jitter, and the Stream X matches the best, our measurements show. NK

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