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The Stream X was a delight to listen to. It was the best streamer I have heard to date by a good margin, bringing my computer music to life. Heavens, I even found listening to the computer enjoyable! OK, it isn’t going to match my Garrard 401 but where other streamers struggle with high resolution audio files and my AV set-up, headed up by a Cambridge Audio 650BD spinning 24/96 and 24/192 Blu-rays shades everyday digital sources, the Stream X fought its way into contention. Naim now have a serious rival to it, or the Stream XP at least, in the ND5 XS but the Cyrus isn’t out manoeuvred in terms of sound quality.

If you want to listen to high resolution digital that shades CD then the Stream X is a great way to do it. It even made me happy in the late night Stygian gloom of my lounge. Not only could I enjoy the sound, I could see what I was doing too! There are limitations, inability to reproduce highest definition 24/192 being the most obvious. But in practical terms this isn’t such a big issue, because this level of resolution is currently rare and, in my experience with Blu-ray to date, 192k sample rate is not a major step up from 96k sample rate.

The Stream X may seem expensive but with superb sound quality and a great remote control it delivers the sonic goods and is well worth hearing if you are in the market for a top quality network player.


verdict four globes

Gorgeous sound quality, even from compressed digital music, but expensive and unable to exploit top resolution 24/192 recordings.

CYRUS STREAM X     £1400 (UK)
+44 (0)1480 435577

- sweet, dynamic sound
- compact and light
- clear, illuminated remote

- no DAC
- rear USB port only
- no 24/192




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