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It’s expensive, but Naim pack a lot into the ND5 XS and most of it works very well.  If you want serious sound quality from high resolution music files, right up to 24/192, then this unit provides it. Naim’s on-board 24/192 DACs do a great job, supported by a huge power supply and again you pay for this. Because at present the S/PDIF digital link cannot support 24/192 and no one is using HDMI (that can) the presence of a serious on-board DAC is crucial for those intending to download and listen to 24/192 maximum resolution files.


The only drawbacks are a disappointingly small display panel unreadable from more than 4ft or so away, and a VHF/FM tuner that doesn’t show what this medium is capable of; Onkyo fit better analogue modules in their receivers.


In spite of all this, at the price and in view of what its rivals offer, Naim’s ND5 XS can justify its place in the market as a superb network music player.  It's easy to use,  stable and reliable and sounds superb.



verdict four globes

Great sound quality with Naim heft, a wonderful DAC and full 24/192 handling. Only the display and VHF tuner could be better.




- strong Naim sound

- handles all high res files

- front USB socket

- high quality DAC



- small display

- simple remote control

- no headphone socket

- mediocre VHF sound


NAIM ND5 XS     £2175

Naim Audio

+44 (0)1722 426600




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