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Performing live throughout the show's duration was Ida Riegels, a classical and baroque soloist from Denmark. In a "triathlon" she sequentially played cello, recorder and piano live to small audiences, to acquaint them with the sound of instruments close up and unprocessed, even un-amplified in the case of cello and recorder. I visited this room as soon as possible for their 1pm Saturday session and was delighted by a lovely performance.

The Spatial (Utah, USA) loudspeaker comprises two 15in drive units on a small open baffle – it's as simple as that. They sounded lovely and did not lack bass. I asked whether bass equalisation (i.e. boost) was being used to counteract baffle cancellation and was told it was unnecessary, because the twin fifteens produced so much low end in any case. As someone who views box speakers with scepticism, the slogan "box speakers are obsolete" struck a chord with me. Definitely interesting! And priced at $3500 a pair. For more, see

Demo'd by Soundscape A/V was this system in which Martin Logan floorstanding 60XTs – a new model – were producing snappy sound, driven by McIntosh amplifiers. They use folded ribbon tweeters (Heil air motion transformer principle) to good effect, for clean, lightning fast treble, and clear mid-band. Marc Silver of Soundscape, Santa Rosa, California, was waxing lyrical about them – and they did sound good. For more see – or Martin Logan of course.

OK, the room doesn't look so attractive in our pic, but the music was. Steven Lester (, California) played a great selection of live music clips on a giant (8ft) screen, illuminated by a Sim2 projector and flanked by Tannoy Kensington Gold Reference loudspeakers, driven by VTL tube amps. The picture was fabulous – and so was the sound (even if it was mp4!). I was hooked by gripping live performances delivered in larger-than-life form. This was an excellent demo – immediately exciting and the best of the show.

My thanks to Constantine Soo for organising a fascinating show. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or see




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