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These are the Lyceum loudspeakers from Linn Audio Loudspeakers, Oakland, California, USA. Believe it or not, at 4ft 8in (1.4m) high they are "smaller" models in the Linn Audio range; some make it to 7ft 8in high, no less – and are purposed for surround-sound (for giants?). To see more, go to http:// The company was founded by David Linn, by the way, and has no connection with Linn of the UK.

Burwell&Sons craft cabinets using local hardwoods, that typically house a 15in JBL bass driver coupled to an Altec horn. Their attractive demo speakers were driven by tube amps, like so many at the show, and you can see an open-reel tape recorder acting as a source, another popular choice with exhibitors in what appears to be a move away from CD, and even high-res digital in show demos. For more, see Burwell is their family name and the name of the village in Cambridgeshire from which they originate.

Cookie Marenco (Belmont, California, USA), founder of Blue Coast Records, talked about the difficulties of recording artists live, in a group and straight to tape in one unedited session. Sound leakage and inter-microphone phase problems, the absence of headphones and much else all come into it, Cookie explained. The analogue recording is then converted to Direct Stream Digital (DSD), a proprietary Sony format, for best sound quality. The demo was held in conjunction with Sony and featured Sony hi-fi components, including their SS-AR1 loudspeakers ($27,000) seen in the picture. Go to or



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