Coatbridge, United Kingdom, September 2012; Tannoy is proud to announce the launch of Definition DC10A.
The Definition DC10A is a loudspeaker of pure Tannoy refinement; a single point source Alnico Dual Concentric™ driver, straight path fully Deep Cryogenically Treated crossover and Tannoy’s signature birch-ply construction cabinet. The design concept mates the engaging sound of Tannoy’s flagship Prestige models with the high-tech engineering and luxurious contemporary style of the Definition series. The Definition DC10A is a thoroughly modern loudspeaker, hand built and rich with traditional values.
The new 10inch Dual Concentric driver draws its inspiration from the classic Duals found in some of Tannoy’s most successful and longest running Prestige series models. Powered by the Alcomax 3 Alnico motors, this classic driver magnet material has exceptional field strength and unique electrical properties. Famed for delivering a sweet, natural and inherently coherent sound, Alnico powered drivers have long been the preferred choice of discerning musicians. From jazz and blues to folk and rock music, the Alnico sound is consistently rich and engaging, delivering realism rarely achieved by ferrite ceramic drivers.
Further refined with modern materials and high-tech engineering, the DC10A driver uses the latest iteration of Tannoy’s aluminium alloy tweeter with PepperPot WaveGuide™. Mid and low frequency reproduction is handled by a multi-fibre cone specified and tuned to realise the smoothness and musicality inherent of the Alnico magnet system. Each driver is hand assembled by Tannoy engineers before mounting into the cabinet with Tannoy’s patented Differential Material Technology (DMT™). This results in unsurpassed rigidity of the driver/enclosure coupling and optimum performance of the DC10A’s unique Dual Concentric driver
Further developing the award winning Definition concept, the DC10A uses a beautifully sculptured rear-ported cabinet formed using Tannoy’s signature ply-wood laminate. Each cabinet is constructed from the finest grade birch wood, sourced from cooler, slower-growing regions to further improve the cabinet’s natural acoustic properties. The complex parabolic curves minimise acoustic resonances and internal reflections. Less coloured and more natural sounding than fibreboard cabinets, the DC10A’s large internal volume is port loaded and tuned to deliver the most natural and accurate LF extension.
As with all Definition models the DC10A crossover follows a ‘simple-straight’ philosophy and employs the very best specification components to achieve an ultra-clean signal path. The no compromise design incorporates low loss laminated core inductors and superior polypropylene capacitors, acoustically damped using Tannoy DMT™ compound. Once fully assembled the entire crossover is super-cooled to minus 190°C and warmed over a controlled period of time using a proprietary Deep Cryogenic Treatment process. This process permanently reduces internal stresses in the microstructure of the crossover’s components, joints and conductors, leading to further improved signal transfer and greater resolution of fine detail.
As befits a top-of-the range loudspeaker, the DC10A’s ancillaries and attention to detail are of the highest order. Internal wiring is minimal crystal boundary PCOCC cable throughout and the terminal block features substantial WBT Nextgen™ 24k gold plated high purity copper binding posts. Tannoy’s unique fifth speaker terminal is also incorporated, giving users the option to electrically ground the driver chassis to reduce potentially signal degrading RF interference in the audio system. The new DC10A plinth is a heavyweight all-metal design, with innovative top-adjustable floor spikes, designed to give exceptional acoustic rigidity and physical stability. Each cabinet is engineered with a Mass Loading Cavity (MLC) in the lower section. This can be filled with a range of particle ballast materials to further tighten LF response and enhance subtle nuances in the articulation of bass instruments.
The Definition range has heralded a new era in contemporary loudspeaker cosmetics. The smooth lines and deep-gloss finish are complemented with fixing-less aluminium trims and discrete Tannoy branding. The truly elegant design has been mapped onto the larger DC10A cabinet, creating a distinctive and contemporary sculpture. Available in deep-lustre black or lacquered real wood veneers of cherry or dark walnut, each Definition DC10A cabinet is hand-finished to the highest standards.
Tannoy Definition DC10A, Black Gloss           £11,                           
Tannoy Definition DC10A, Cherry Gloss         £11,   
Tannoy Definition DC10A, Walnut Gloss         £11,   
Technical specifications:
Dual Concentric™ high frequency     51 mm (2”) Aluminium alloy dome, Alnico magnet system
Dual Concentric™ low frequency      250mm (10”) treated fibre pulp cone, Alnico magnet system
Recommended amplifier power         30 – 300 Watts RMS
Continuous power handling                150 Watts Peak RMS
Peak power handling              600 Watts RMS
Sensitivity (2.83 Volts @ 1m)                         93 dB
nominal Impedance                            8 Ohms
Frequency response (-6 dB)               28 Hz – 22 kHz
Dimensions H x W x D                       1135 x 345 x 438 mm (44.7 x 13.6 x 17.2”)
Cabinet volume                                   103 Litres (3.64 cu. ft.)
Weight (each speaker inc plinth)        42.7 kg (94.1 lbs)



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