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This is a complex DVD player that offers a staggering amount of ability at an extraordinarily low price. Sound quality of CD, DVD-A and SACD via the onboard convertors and analogue outputs was good. Connected to a modern receiver via HDMI the player sounded even better, especially with SACD where it was superb. Something of a must for penny-pinching audiophiles with DVD-A and SACD collections, this is a super online bargain.


verdict five globes

Massive ability and a good all round performance, superb with SACD.

Oppo DV-980H £156

Oppo Digital

Tel: +46 21 188718


- superb SACD quality

- fine DVD-A and CD

- excellent video quality


- digital jitter

- set up difficulties




Via the onboard analogue outputs (Mix), CD measured well. Frequency response was flat to 20kHz and distortion low, resulting in a fine EIAJ Dynamic Range value of 111dB. So the DV-980H offers a good measured result from CD.


High jitter existed on the S/PDIF digital outputs. The Oppo DV-980H measured 200pS at 1kHz, rising to 1nS at 100Hz, a poor result. This suggests its digital sound (S/PDIF only) will not be quite as clean as one might hope when using this link into a receiver. This apart, our digital analyser showed S/PDIF also gave flat response to 20kHz and low distortion, with lower distortion (2.8%) at -80dB than the analogue outputs (4.4%).


Via the onboard analogue outputs SACD and DVD-A gave slightly improved results over CD as one would hope, but neither matched dedicated audio players, which measure around 0.04% distortion at -60dB, compared to the Oppo’s 0.13% figure. The picture was the same when looking at frequency response, both SACD and DVD-A reaching 35kHz, which is a bit limited (DVD-A should reach 100kHz). All the same, improvements in sound quality will be audible, if not quite as marked as you’d get from dedicated audio players, which also cost a lot more of course.


Via HDMI through a Marantz SR8002 receiver, when set to output DSD, frequency response reached 42kHz and distortion was negligible right down to -80dB (0.06%), with a -100dB tone properly resolved. This is full SACD quality, bandwidth being limited a little by the receiver’s decoding I suspect. Results were similar when output was set to PCM, although quantisation products appeared and bandwidth dropped to 33kHz. So for best SACD results DSD should be transmitted raw to a modern receiver that can handle it (Onkyo, Pioneer, Marantz).


DVD-Audio reached 45kHz (-1dB) via HDMI and was -8dB down at 90kHz, a good result and again likely decided by the receiver rather than the player. Distortion at -60dB measured 0.12%, which is better than CD (0.2%) but not as good as DSD (0.06%) or the best dedicated DVD-A players that once roamed the earth. It’s still a good result though.


The DV-980H measured well with CD, SACD and DVD-A. Its analogue outputs do not quite match the performance offered by expensive audiophile players, but they get close. The S/PDIF digital output is fine, except for jitter. Via HDMI results depend upon the receiver and full SACD and DVD-A performance are available. All-in-all then, impressive. NK

Frequency response (-1dB)

CD 2Hz - 20kHz

DVD-A 2Hz - 35kHz

SACD 4Hz -  35kHz

Distortion (%) CD DVD SACD

-6dB 0.006 0.003 0.003

-60dB 0.18 0.13 0.13

-80dB 4.4 1.2 1.1

-100dB - 15 11

Separation (1kHz) 104dB

Noise (IEC A) -122dB

Dynamic range 111dB

Output 2.4V





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1Wednesday, 05 September 2012 20:50
The Cambridge Audio DVD99 is the same player in a different box.

Oppo and Cambridge players are made by Mediatek of Taiwan. We are told the license is very expensive, so few others go this route.

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