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With your music transferred to the NAS drive, streamer in situ and hi-fi switched on, it’s time to sit back and enjoy.
Almost all streamers are supplied with a remote control but they really come into their own when used with an individual manufacturer’s purpose-built app for smartphones or tablets.
   These will enable you to play, pause and skip tracks, view album artwork and search music by artist, album and even genre. Many also boast other features such as compiling playlists of your favourite tracks which can be saved for future use. Many connect to on-line databases with artist discographies, biographical details and suggestions of similar albums which may interest you. It makes it possible to discover a whole new world of music while listening to your favourite artist.
   All this without leaving your seat to eject a CD or search for another one. It’s all there on the screen in front of you.
And as you flick through album covers or search artist names you’ll be amazed how many forgotten gems you comes across – especially if you have a particularly large music collection.
   I set-up my streaming system two years ago and have never listened to as much music as I do now, mainly due to the convenience. In fact, I haven’t slotted a CD into my player for the past 12 months. Instead new ones are ripped to the NAS immediately and then stored away in the loft.


Synology DS214se NAS drive with DNLA media file compatibility. It can hold up to 12TB - 60,000 hi-res songs, no less! But it costs less then £150 in basic form.


By necessity, this is a basic guide to setting up a home music streaming network, but hopefully you may be encouraged to give it a go.
   Obviously, if you’ve a large number of CDs then transferring them all to a NAS drive can seem a daunting prospect. But you don’t have to do them all at once. Just a few a week will suffice to gradually build up your NAS-based collection and a streaming solution can happily sit alongside a CD player in the system while you go along.
   And once set-up other options become available. With a NAS drive you have the option of downloading and playing back high-resolution albums, be they 24bit/96kHz or 24/192.
Most streamers also come equipped with internet radio, giving access to thousands of stations around the world. The sound quality of many of these may not be the highest but they are a wonderful way of listening to new music and finding new artists.
   Not only rediscovering your own music, then, but discovering new music too!





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