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 XLD is a free Mac programme that rips CDs, maintaining – even improving – their sound quality.



Once you’ve selected your streamer and NAS they need to be installed – and this is where things get slightly more involved.
   First of all do you want to go wired or wireless? Most people have a wireless network at home nowadays. If you are with Sky, Virgin or BT broadband then the chances are you have wireless capability which means your NAS drive and streamer can communicate with each other without the need for a physical connection. Here, merely connect your NAS to your internet provider’s router via the supplied ethernet cable and turn it on.
   Next plug in the streamer and connect it to your amplifier or preamp just as you would a CD player or tuner. The streamer will probably require you to enter the security code for your network (if you have one) but should then be up and running.
   Alternatively you can go down the wired road, where both the NAS drive and streamer are wired into the network router. This obviously means more cabling, but does have advantages and some manufacturers’ streamers, including those from Linn and Chord, will only work this way (see box out for more details).



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