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Slotted into a hi-fi as a hi-res digital source, fed by an Astell&Kern AK100 portable and feeding Quad Elite QMP monoblock power amplifiers and various loudspeakers under review, Mojo had some treble prominence. If anything it sounded lean, but analytically detailed. It is balanced for headphones, especially those with strong bass like my Oppo PM-1s. Against our mains powered Oppo BDP-105D universal hi-res player, however, treble was more obvious. Brightly balanced loudspeakers or headphones may not suit Mojo; I'm afraid you'll need Dave and deeper pockets!


    Technologically, Mojo is all but untouchable. Whilst there are other DACs with better figures, they are all mains powered and cost around ten times more. Most portable audio DACs fall well below Mojo: they are a whole step down in quality. That positions Mojo in the current market. It's quite a place to be.
    With fabulous sound quality – big, open and powerful – plus the ability to control and drive even the most difficult Planar Magnetic headphones, Mojo is a DAC that sweeps the floor with all else. And you can use it in your hi-fi system too, or even drive Tannoy Westminster Royal GR loudspeakers with it – as we did!
    This isn't a DAC you can miss.NK


(see full review in forthcoming January 2016 edition of Hi-Fi World, out 1st December 2015)



Fabulous sound, great build quality and big illuminated buttons that change colour make Mojo unmissable – as does its low price of £399. A wonderful portable DAC and headphone amplifier.

- sound quality
- portability
- fully automatic
- quad-DSD replay
- up to 32/786kHz PCM digital
- works from mains power supply

- no Bluetooth
- sombre appearance
- no means of attachment to phone

- 192k via optical input not assured

Chord Electronics Ltd
 +44 (0)1622 721444



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