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    Yet Mojo is small, pocketable and battery powered. A light, soft-shell Li-polymer battery provides 8-10 hours use, from a 4 hour charge (if completely discharged) USB phone charger. With a depth of 21mm, Mojo is a bit large for a shirt pocket, but height and width dimensions of 61mm and 83mm make it an easy fit in a trouser pocket. Surprisingly, Chord do not use a light, durable moulded plastic case, but a bullet-proof machined alloy case like that of their other products. It has a sombre dark brown/grey finish that is scratch proof, they claim.  Mojo weighed 173gms on our scales – anything over 150gms is relatively heavy for portable use and Mojo feels 'solid'.
    Controls are few: just three hemispherical illuminated buttons. There's an on/off switch that changes colour to show digital sample rate, plus up and down volume buttons that change colour to show volume level. Just as well because Mojo produces a massive 4.3V output our measurements showed, enough to sound shatteringly loud. This figure is comfortably above most hi-fi portable Digital Audio Players (DAPs), that top out at 3V. On occasion it did accidentally blast my Oppo PM1 Planar Magnetic headphones as a result, so the colours of the volume buttons are worth watching. Chord use green to indicate comfortable listening level, and light blue as loud, whilst very loud is dark blue and there are various other blue-purple spectrum hues to warn of shattering – if your ears don't do so first.



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