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Measured performance
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Rohde&Schwarz UPV audio analyser, used for all measurements.


    With volume set to give full output, whilst avoiding overload from a full level digital signal (0dB), Dynamic Range (EIAJ) measured a high 124dB, and with one small step up in volume of 1dB it hit Chord's claimed 125dB, as shown in our analysis. So Chord's figure is achievable without overload being obvious. Interestingly, turning volume up to maximum with the low level -60dB test signal gave 143dB Dynamic Range and this shows the potential of Chord's DAC. These are impressive figures: most hi-fi DACs achieve 120dB, a few expensive ones costing thousands 130dB. Portable DACs and DAPs usually measure around 115dB.
    Distortion was minimal, measuring a very low 0.014% as shown in our analysis. Again, this was with volume set to avoid output overload with a full level (0dB) digital signal. No distortion components are visible in our analysis, so 'distortion' here is noise, even though a narrow band harmonic-only analysis was used. Turning volume up to maximum to lift DAC output above subsequent amplifier noise returned 0.0017%, showing the potential of Mojo in this area.
    Frequency response measured flat to 31kHz (-1dB) via the analogue headphone output, output falling away steadily above this frequency to the upper theoretical limit of 96kHz from the 192kHz sample rate test signal.
    Mojo produced a massive 4.3V from its headphone outputs at full volume – more than enough to drive insensitive headphones, or power amplifiers direct. It can even drive loudspeakers. Chord quote 4 Ohm - 800 Ohm loads as being compatible, and output impedance 0.045 Ohms.
    Mojo delivered better performance figures under test than mains powered hi-fi DACs costing considerably more. It possesses outstanding measured performance. NK

Frequency response (-1dB)    4Hz-31kHz
Distortion (%)    24bit
0dB                                                  0.003
-60dB                                               0.014
Separation (1kHz)                           110dB
Noise (IEC A)                                -124dB
Dynamic range  (EIAJ)                   125dB
Output                                               4.3V


FREQUENCY RESPONSE, 192kHz sample rate.


DISTORTION, -60dB, 24bit.


DYNAMIC RANGE  125dB  (64.654+60).



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