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An interesting one, the Electrocompaniet EMC 1 UP. In design, build and finish it is more quirky than you might expect from an avowedly professional purveyor of high end hi-fi, but in performance it is not. Instead, this CD player greets you with a compellingly musical yet highly finessed and subtle performance. It is less obviously ‘voiced’ than its rival Naim CDX2 for example, sounding slightly less conspicuously powerful and dynamic but certainly no less captivating - indeed if anything it is more beguiling and nicer to listen to over long periods. As such, there’s very little to touch it for those wanting a CD player at this price - it’s a brilliant upgrade from ‘super budget’ machines like Astin Trew’s AT3500 and yet easily capable enough to make buyers of more expensive machines like Accustic Arts CD Player 1 Mk2 think again. So if you’re in the market for your first serious CD player - or even your last - make sure you hear this.


Marantz CD63 KI DP CD player

Sugden IA4 integrated amplifier

Yamaha NS1000M loudspeakers


verdict five globes

Super clean sounding CD player that’s beguilingly musical and sophisticated too - an excellent mid-price proposition.


NSS Ltd.

+44 (0)20 8893 5835


- commandingly musical

- superbly finessed

- easy to listen to

- balanced operation


- slightly ‘industrial’ finish

- awful remote

- fiddly set-up



Our analysis of frequency response of the EMC 1-UP shows it is all but flat, falling by just the smallest amount - a mere 0.1dB - at high frequencies. The measured high frequency limit was a normal 21.3kHz (-1dB) and the low frequency limit a very low 2Hz. The EMC 1-UP will sound accurate as a result, and free from undue brightness or warmth due to response errors.


Distortion was well suppressed throughout the player’s dynamic range and this helped significantly toward a good EIAJ Dynamic Range value of 111dB being achieved, amongst the best, if not quite the top of the tree.


Noise was very low and output level a healthy 2.4V. Signal related jitter from the digital output, via both unbalanced and balanced, was on the high side, a 1kHz -60dB tone experiencing 500pS, compared to around 80pS expected. Random jitter was also a little high, peaking at around 40pS against 10pS expected. This suggests the EMC 1-UP isn’t ideal as a transport.


The EMC 1-UP measures well in all respects except via its digital output, so as a CD player it is up with the best, if as a transport it isn’t. NK

Frequency response (-1dB)

CD 2Hz - 21.3kHz

Distortion (%)

0dB 0.004

-6dB 0.003

-60dB 0.22

-80dB 3.9

Separation (1kHz) -120dB

Noise (IEC A) -113dB

Dynamic range 111dB

Output 2.4V






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